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  • Alexandra Bircken: λ, 2008. (out of stock)
  • Alexandra Bircken: λ, 2008. (out of stock)
  • Alexandra Bircken: λ, 2008. (out of stock)

Alexandra Bircken

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Alexandra Bircken originally comes from the field of fashion design. In her objects, however, she detaches herself from the doctrine of functionality inherent in functional design in order to focus on the sensual and aesthetic qualities of the materials it uses. The question of their value plays a major role in this process, as Bircken reverses conventional ideas: fragile and seemingly worthless materials come to the fore, while the noble recedes into the background. At the same time, materials, forms and their processing evoke a discourse of femininity without explicitly formulating it.

In her annual edition for the GAK, the remnant of a skirt serves as a stiffened base for the cone shape, which was knitted from different coloured wool threads and fabric remnants and placed on it. An abstract object, yet one that docks onto collective feelings through the way it sits enthroned in its “nest“: defenceless and self-confident at the same time. The title λ further links the individually designed objects, created as a series, with a concrete idea by combining their appearance with the Greek letter of the same name.

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Annual edition 2008

λ, 2008
Fabric, wool, batik tint, pigmented wax, buttons
29 x 39 x 43 cm
3 unique works; with certificate
Out of stock

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