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  • Albrecht Schäfer: Orbit, 2012.

Albrecht Schäfer


Albrecht Schäfer’s work revolves around the possibility of being something else, which everyday things conceal within themselves. By means of small but precise interventions trusted objects or spaces transform themselves and show themselves anew. Many of his works are concerned with phenomena of light such as mirroring, shadows or reflections. This is also true of his annual edition for the GAK. The light catches in the wing mirrors of a motor scooter parked on a pavement and doubles its circular shapes on the wall of a building. As well as the sun rays that fall upon the Vespa, a shadow is drawn diagonally through the shot, forming a separating line between light and dark, everyday perception and abstract-seeming plays of light and shadow. The points of light created by the reflection, together with the round side mirrors, span a compositional arc over and above this separation, moving as if on a planetary orbit.

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Annual edition 2012

Orbit, 2012
C-Print (framed)
28 x 42 cm (sheet), 44,5 x 59 cm (frame)
Edition of 7; sign., dat., num.

each Euro 571,20
incl. 19% VAT

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