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  • Rosa Barba: Subconscious Society (still), 2012.

Rosa Barba


Rosa Barba’s works stage both stories in film and also the carrier medium that helps them to become visible. She always uses traditional recording techniques and presents her contemplative recordings using film and antiquated projectors. A dense structure thus emerges of narration and its presentation and reception. For her annual edition, for the first time Barba has made a still from one of her films available – the unpublished Subconscious Society (premiere in January 2013 in Manchester). What can be seen is the aerial view of a southern English fenland at low tide. The individual image, which allows visual narration in the film by means of linkage, here becomes an abstract soloist, in which grassy surfaces and empty channels produce a mysterious ornament.

Barba’s work has won several international prizes and she has been honoured with participation in many renowned exhibitions. From summer 2013, she will direct the class for intermedial photography at the University of the Arts in Bremen.

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Annual edition 2012

Subconscious Society (still), 2012
C-Print (framed)
30 x 60 cm (sheet)
Edition of 3; sign., dat.

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