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  • Susanne M. Winterling: she is in the light, 2009.
  • Susanne M. Winterling: a pattern in shades, 2009.

Susanne M. Winterling

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With small scenes and minimal gestures, Susanne M. Winterling manages to show complex, historical themes and contexts in her films, photographs and installations. In her works, gender relations, adolescence, famous women’s destinies and the utopias of modernity are subtly and complexly presented and questioned.

Her annual edition for the GAK consists of two different photographs. In she is in the light, a female figure illuminated by a spotlight stands at the centre of the blurred, mysterious-looking photograph. In a pattern of shades, images of stirrups, chains and belts are arranged to form a decorative ornament and printed on a fabric. While in the first work a dreamy atmosphere and an imaginary story about the woman portrayed is created through staging, the feminine connoted elements in the second image culminate in a commentary on the awareness of this very attribution.

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Annual edition 2009

she is in the light, 2009
C-Print (framed)
20 x 30 cm (sheet)
Edition of 3;  sign., dat., num.

a pattern in shades, 2009
C-Print (framed)
20 x 30 cm (sheet)
Edition of 3; sign., dat., num.

each Euro 904,40
incl. 19% VAT

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