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  • Florian Hüttner: Speed, 2008.

Florian Hüttner


Florian Hüttner, who had a solo exhibition at GAK in 2010, could hardly be more versatile in his expressive possibilities as an artist: he draws, films, photographs, performs, develops audio works and works in cooperation projects.

His annual edition includes three photographs and a DVD. All of these components reflect a performance entitled Speed, which took place in spring 2007 in connection with the exhibition series “Peripherie” at the Galerie für Landschaftskunst in Hamburg. Three clowns moved up and down a street on the outskirts of Hamburg at different speeds over the course of one hour – one by foot, the next on a bicycle and the third in a car. Integrated into normal everyday traffic, they stood out from it through their costumes and concentrated their attention on the experience of time, which was reflected so differently in the various forms of movement. The photographs show each of the three clowns, while the DVD summarizes the events in the style of a video trailer.

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Annual edition 2008

Speed, 2008
3 photographs on cardboard and 1 DVD (2 min.)
59,1 x 107,6 cm
Edition of 5; sign., dat., num.

each Euro 952,–
incl. 19% VAT

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