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  • Kate Newby: What a day, 2015. Photo: Kate Newby

Kate Newby


Stones play a central role in the work of Kate Newby, whether as artificial or found objects embedded in the surface of her works of concrete sculpture, or as autonomous pieces. Newby’s annual edition for the GAK is an example of the latter. Small objects reminiscent of finds on a river bank or sea shore, of flat pebbles, pieces of coral or humpy rocks. However these are not the chance products of nature, but delicately crafted ceramic objects, fired and treated with glossy or matt glazes of various colors. These small unique works can be presented in different settings, whether individually or as an ensemble, on a pedestal, shelf, or table.  Transferring the ceramic stones into their (supposedly) natural environment by skipping them across the surface of a pond before allowing them to disappear into the depths or adding them to a pile of natural stones would also correspond to the artist’s intentions. Where and by what means the work is constituted remains vague – a moment of conscious indeterminacy that is essential to Newby’s practice, which is charakterized by ephemeral works skirting the margins of perceptibility.

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Annual edition 2015

What a day, 2015
Set of 4 glazed ceramics
Varying sizes
5 unique works; with certificate

each Euro 892,50
incl. 19% VAT

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