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  • John Stezaker: Fumetti XII, 2008. (out of stock)
  • John Stezaker: Fumetti XIII, 2008. (out of stock)

John Stezaker

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Since the mid-1970s, the British artist John Stezaker has been working on the basis of found visual material that he meticulously collects and which he gives new meaning by selecting specific sections or assembling it into collages. Stezaker’s work is often cited as an important influence on the work of a younger generation of artists and is partly responsible for the current revival of collage in contemporary art.

His annual edition consists of two works from his latest series Fumetti. The unity of actor and actress portraits from Hitchcock classics of the 1950s and 1960s is destroyed here, as the carefully coiffed and made-up faces are cut up and assembled into monstrous hermaphrodites that counteract the perfection of their original images. While such mass-produced and popular portraits of actresses and actors used to fuel a hunger for glamour and lifestyle, the age and quality of their images now conjure up the fragile status of celebrity.

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Annual edition 2008

Fumetti XII, 2008
Collage on paper (framed)
28 x 22 cm (sheet)
53 x 41,5 cm (frame)
Unique work; sign., dat.
Out of stock

Fumetti XIII, 2008
Collage on paper (framed)
27 x 20 cm (sheet)
53 x 41,5 cm (frame)
Unique work; sign., dat.
Out of stock

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