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  • Carol Bove: o.T., 2010. Photo: Tobias Hübel

Carol Bove


American artist Carol Bove makes a rule of avoiding invention and unnecessary innovation in her art-making. In her works she grapples with familiar contemporary and historical forms and ideas, taking them to new levels and opening them to interpretation. This approach is also evident in her contribution to the 2010 GAK Artists’ Editions Series: a collection of 15 unique silver necklaces formed from interlinking diamond shapes. The necklaces consist of components sourced from one of Bove’s sculptures, which she dismantled especially to create these pieces. The sculpture (Netting, 2009) – an intricate floor-length curtain – combined memories of artist Félix González-Torres with the aesthetics of a conventional wire fence. This adaptation also draws on the artistic vision of González-Torres, who is known for his flexible approach to art-making and exhibition practice as well as his affinity for design and everyday objects.

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Annual edition 2010

o.T., 2010
Length: approx. 80 cm
5 unique works; with certificate
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