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  • Irmgard Dahms, Isolde Loock, Edith Pundt, Anne Schlöpke: Gotische Rippen, 1995.

Irmgard Dahms, Isolde Loock, Edith Pundt, Anne Schlöpke


The four artists, who live in Bremen, work together temporarily on a project-related basis.

“Gotische Rippen” is a recording that was made on the occasion of a jointly conceived sound installation of the same name in the Städtische Galerie in Bremen. By means of electronic motion detectors, chimes were triggered by the audience as soon as they entered the room. Seven church bells (Essen, Bamberg one and two, Freiburg, Lüneburg, Munich, Cologne) are in play. Ever since the authority of the church and a coordinated relationship between public and private life began to disintegrate, the affective relationship to the ringing of bells has divided society.

The present CD entangles the listener in an acoustic amorphous and atonal labyrinth. The artists have made possible an experiential situation that leaves everyone alone when listening, with their own relationship to the shiver of authority, with their own susceptibilities to cliché and nostalgia.

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Annual edition 1996

Gotische Rippen, 1995
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