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  • Dirk Stewen: Untitled, 2009. (out of stock)
  • Dirk Stewen: Untitled, 2009. (out of stock)
  • Dirk Stewen: Untitled, 2009. (out of stock)

Dirk Stewen

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Dirk Stewen divests photo paper of its actual function: he exposes it to light and paints it with dark ink. Both interventions set chemical processes in motion that produce a black surface shimmering in rainbow colours. The resulting image gains an almost unbelievable depth effect through the iridescence of the surface. The work, which until then seemed closed, almost barred, is given a colorful openness by the sewing on of confetti. Remains of the sewing thread used hang down and provide the work with an additional dynamic.

In his abstract compositions Dirk Stewen denies the viewer a clear narrative framework. Instead, he deals with photography and painting on a conceptual level. Due to the processes taking place on the photo paper, the painted image will never reach the moment of finality as conventional photography does. It is precisely these uncontrollable changes that give Stewen’s works autonomy and a mysterious poetry.

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Annual edition 2009

Untitled, 2009
Ink, threads, confetti on photo paper
61 x 50,8 cm
3 unique works; sign., dat.
Out of stock

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