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  • 1– Guillaume Leblon: Support, 2009. Photo: Guillaume Leblon

Guillaume Leblon


Guillaume Leblon’s works revolve around the perception and appropriation of space. With his preferred working materials plaster, paper, wood and foil, he creates formally restrained, extensive objects that demonstrate the function and construction of architecture.

For the group exhibition Friendly Takeovers, Leblon realized a work in summer 2009 that stood as a massive settlement in the GAK’s space and that refused a view into its interior in its materiality of plasterboard. His annual edition takes up here and formulates the counter-position: Five fragile objects focus on the open space by only outlining it as a grid structure. The interior is revealed, the view is possible and a game with the questions of boundaries is opened. Typical of Leblon’s approach is also the reference to a functional definition of his works. In the case of his annual edition, the outer appearance makes one think of shelf constructions or holding devices – an impression that is undermined again by the placement on the wall.

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Annual edition 2009

Support, 2009
Stainless steel and plaster
approx. 90 x 24 x 26 cm
Edition of 5; with certificate
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