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Manfred Holtfrerich

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Hamburg-based artist Manfred Holtfrerich has presented the GAK with three original works for its annual editions. These stunning watercolours depict individual leaves from the forest floor in minute detail. Painted to scale, these remarkable watercolours are accompanied by the original materials. These three works are part of a body of works comprising over 140 watercolours which Holtfrerich created as studies in time and aesthetic appreciation rather than as botanical studies. This naturalistic depiction “… foregrounds the unique detail of each leaf and speaks to the viewer’s aesthetic sensibilities.” (Holtfrerich).  In capturing this moment in time in his images, Holtfrerich defers the moment of ultimate decay, inviting us to contemplate the reality of natural processes and the nature of time.

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Annual edition 2010

from the series Blätter: Blatt 113, Rodvig, Dk., Sommer 2004; Blatt 114, Hamburg, Frühjahr 2005
and Blatt 158, Hamburg, Frühjahr 2010, 2004, 2005 and 2010
Watercolor on handmade paper (framed)
50 x 42 cm (sheet)
3 unique works; sign., dat., num.
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