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  • Achim Bitter: Güterbahnhof, 2009.

Achim Bitter


In his installations, Achim Bitter works with materials that can be found in every household: furniture, lamps, boxes, upholstery, carpets, books etc. He detaches them from their normal context to rearrange them and give them a new environment. He then sends them back to their old function and apparent meaninglessness. Particularly interesting and important for him is the process of recycling: the process of function deprivation and refunctionalization, which can be traced in all his works.

For the GAK, Bitter provides a photograph showing an old, apparently no longer used industrial hall at Bremen’s goods station. But the first impression is deceptive: graffiti points to another, a leisure-time use. Unknown people have appropriated the abandoned, urban space and converted it for themselves. Like the industrial users, sprayers and time have left their traces of work, leisure and decay on the building.

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Annual edition 2009

Güterbahnhof, 2009
30,4 x 45,5 cm (sheet), 30,4 x 41,3 cm (motif)
Edition of 12; sign., dat., num.

each Euro 261,80
incl. 19% VAT

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