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  • FORT: Summercool II, 2015. Photo: Tobias Hübel



This GAK Artist Edition by artistic duo FORT invites users to create their own distinctive work of art by following the instructions provided. The work itself consists of a concept paper and the appropriate small change to purchase a Flutschfinger ice pop. Using the instructions provided in the concept paper, the purchaser can determine the final form that the work will take. The user is invited to simply let the ice pop melt on a windowsill, on the living room floor or on a sheet of paper; to either intervene in this process or await the random outcome; to create a single work or a whole series of Flutschfinger paintings; or to merely frame the concept paper and hang it on a wall.

Whichever course of action the purchaser settles upon, the result comprises an ironic commentary on the discourses surrounding painting (the three colors make for a delicate and abstract wash) and conceptual art. And as the great conceptualist Lawrence Weiner stated in his Declaration of Intent: “The artist may construct the piece. / The piece may be fabricated. / The piece need not be built. / Each being equal and consistent with the intent of the artist, the decision as to condition rests with the receiver upon the occasion of receivership.” This reference to the traditions of concept art chimes dissonantly with the cautioning finger of the Flutschfinger ice pop.

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Annual edition 2015

Summercool II, 2015
Instruction (incl. certificate) plus 90 eurocents for a Flutschfinger ice pop
Varying sizes
Edition of 100

each Euro 142,80
incl. 19% VAT

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