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  • Katja Blum: o.T., 2011. Photo: Frank Scheffka (out of stock)

Katja Blum


The theme of spatial configuration plays a central role in the artistic work of Katja Blum, which extends across the mediums of painting, drawing, printing and collage. Blum develops her motifs from found imagery, including satellite images of landscapes and cities, town plans and self-produced photographs of architectural ensembles.
Her contribution to the GAK’s 2011 annual editions consists of three wall pieces oscillating between a three-dimensional object and the panel format. Layers of paper mounted on a wooden background create a surface structured by fine, curved lines which form an image akin to a relief sculpture. Playing with light and shadow, these works invite viewers to appraise them from a range of perspectives. The individual panels could be hung alone, or as a series of works, heightening the dynamic effect of their sculpted lines.

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Annual edition 2011

o.T., 2011
Paper on wood
30 x 40 cm
3 unique works (apart or as series); sign., dat.
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