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  • Claudia Kapp: Dinett (1-5 / Bernadette, Colette, Georgette, Juliette, Lafayette), 2008. Photo: Joachim Fliegner (out of stock)

Claudia Kapp


The Bremen artist Claudia Kapp, winner of the working scholarship of the Jürgen-Ponto-Foundation 2007, provides as annual edition for the GAK five copies of a serving trolley of the brand “Dinett”, which she has modified. For this purpose, she has replaced the two collapsible shelves with continuous mirror plates. Not only has the folding function of the original been eliminated, the trolley now also relates to its surroundings in a special way by mirroring it in its surfaces and creating an interplay of light and shadow between the object and its environment. The originally factual object, concentrated on its function, is thus abandoned and becomes an independent object that blurs with its context in an almost ethereal way without losing its suitability as a usable tea trolley.

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Annual edition 2008

Dinett (1-5 / Bernadette, Colette, Georgette, Juliette, Lafayette), 2008
Serving trolley from the series „Dinett“ with polystyrene mirror plates, MDF
78 x 66 x 41,5 cm
Edition of 5; with certificate
Out of stock

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